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Fay Brotherhood - Wildlife Art and Pet portraits
Misc subjects


Gallery 1 - Birds
Gallery 2 - Mammals
Gallery 3 - Dogs.
Gallery 4 - Horses.
Misc subjects
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On a lesser basis than wildlife and pets, I have been asked to paint some more exotic subjects, including forays into the realm of Manga, Fantasy and Pagan art. I have also been asked to design tattoos.
I allways enjoy these forays into the imagination, and especially into Pagan art, being Pagan myself.

A Fertility/Guardian Goddess I created, inspired by Cernunnos, Pan, etc

Manga perspective of the maiden aspect of the triple Goddess. I have yet to do Mother and Crone.

The Holly King
The King of Winter, presiding over death, life and the cruelty and beautyof the Winter Months.

Its rare that I will do portraits of people as I am not a portrait painter. But heres one.