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Fay Brotherhood - Wildlife Art and Pet portraits
How to Order.


Gallery 1 - Birds
Gallery 2 - Mammals
Gallery 3 - Dogs.
Gallery 4 - Horses.
Misc subjects
About the Artist
How to Order.
Photography Tips
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If you would like to place an order,
Just e mail me with the following information;
1) Name
2) E Mail address.
3) Where do you live? UK or elsewhere?
3) Subject of painting (e.g Dog? Dog face? Dog with detailed background playing with a ball? raptor sat on a rock? Raptor killing a pigeon? etc etc.)
4) Any special requests? ie Size, framing, deadlines?
Further enquiries can be made via your e mail.
Bear in mind that I will need to exchange home addresses, in order for you to send me your photographs (if you would like a pet portrait I will not paint from a digital image. They lose too much detail on printout.),
So that you may send your payment and so I may send the finished product to you.