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For a start off,

Paganism is NOT about the worship of Satan.
Satan is a purely Christian Deity and thus we do not even BELIEVE in him.

Satanists are members of Christianity, who choose to follow the 'teachings' of Satan rather than the 'teachings' of God.

Paganism is basically the worship of Nature.
Nature created us, our lives are ruled by nature....
We are...nature.
The beauty of it is that there is no set belief system. Every individual is free to spiritually grow and be an individual without blindly following the set rules.

I am SURE that some Christians secretly doubt certain aspects of the bible because it's part of being an individual.
Millions of people surely cannot whole heartedly believe exactly the same thing....can they?

Paganism is generally used as an unbrella term and it has many subdivisions.
It is the oldest religion known to man.
From the ancient Celts and Native the Aboriginies and African tribes...It is all Nature worship and all forms of Paganism.
Shamanism, Druidry, The Northern Tradition, Wicca, Celtic....they are just a select few.

My own beliefs integrate many different thigns. Personally I call myself an eclectic pagan. My beliefs integrate aspects of many parts of the Pagan web, but my main interests lie in Celtic Paganism.
Pagans generally believe in a maculine and feminine force. A God and Goddess. In nature all things are balanced. Everything contains elements of male and female.

(This here is my opinion. Do not take it as total truth, or preaching. And do not take offece. Different people think differently.)
I personally believe that every little aspect of Being and of nature is represented by a force...a God or Goddess depending on its properties.
(to me they are an energy force. The giving of names and images simply makes worship easier and more practical)
It can be, death, conception, Lust, Love, Pain, Well being, misery, happyness, malaise, Health, fear, fertility, the sun, the moon, the weather systems, the seasons, the elements, hunting...the list goes on.....
All physical things contain different energies. The rest contain more subtle ones. For the aspects we cant see we are moving into the spiritual plane...

All of these come together to create the huge force that is Nature.
Think the different 'Deaths' in Terry Pratchetts Discworld series. The Death of Rats, or Fleas, etc etc. All creating one unified Death.
Well it's kinda like that.
Its like a huge multi faceted crystal. Each different faucet showing the individual aspects (God/esses) of Nature.

None can work alone. They all need each other for that is Nature.
Nature works as one beautiful, harmonious circle. Life cannot happen without death.
A plant cannot live without fire(the sun) and water (the rain)
Masculinity cannot exist withiout the feminine...-all creatures contain oestrogen and testosterone. An imbalance and serious problems occur.
A fox can love its babies with tender care (feminine) yet will hunt and kill to feed them...and he will go to all out war with other males over territory. (masculine)

Get my drift?

Balance is THE most important aspect of life. If we look at the poor Mother Earth and what we as a species have done to her....Look at Manic Depressives whose illnesses are caused by imbalences in the brain chemicals...THAT shows what can happen when imbalance occurs.........