The Blackbirds nest
Animal Wisdom


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The Animal Kingdom is a world that has become...sadly...apart from ours. As we forget our roots...our place in Nature, we forget that we are animals. Call them dumb...stupid. Pass off any display of intelligence as simply "cute" in the most patronising way. For animals are not allowed to be on our level for we have become afraid of Nature.
Animal magic is about an open mind. For many, seeing say...a blackbird at close range nearly everywhere you go would be coincedence. But a part of Celtic wisdom is that every experience in life has something to teach. Every day is a minefield of lessons to be learnt and knowledge to be gained.
Every thing you do has consequence. Therefore it has meaning. It's up to you to decide. 

Attributes of the creatures of the land
Rabbit/Hare-  Living by your wits. Quick thinking. Attentiveness. Watch your back. Good hearing. Speed/agility. Fear.
Mole- Connection with earth. Knowledge and wisdom in Natural lores. Introspection. Blindness to all but the black and white. Sensitivity. Dig deeper.
Hind/Doe- depicted as an enchanted animal with strong links to the Fae. Gentleness. Ability to listen. Quick on the mark. Alert. Sociable. Grace. Speed and agility. Pathfinder.
Fox- Shapeshifting. Observation. Wit. Cunning. Stealth. Camouflage. Courage. Ability to observe unseen. Invisible. Persistance. Swiftness. Monogamy. Creativity. Strength alone. Family bonds. Loyalty.
Horse- Power, Endurance, swiftness, Stamina, Freedom. faithfulness. Cooperation. Communication. Expanding ones own abilities. Overcoming obstacles.
Squirrel- Puzzle solving. resourcefulness, Quick thinking. Warning, discovery. Storing for later.
Badger- Story teller. Treading familiar paths. Aggressiveness. Single mindedness. Knowledge of the earth. Aggressiveness. Wisdom.
Weasel- Stealth. Ingenuity. Cunning. Ability to see that which is hidden.
Cow- Fertility. Alert to danger. Contentment. Great masculine/feminine energies. Love. Community. Harvest
Bull- Ability to stand against danger. Strength and courage. Fertility.
Mouse/Vole- Shyness. Quieteness. getting the finer details. Double meanings. Invisibility. Finding beauty in small thing.
Dog- keen senses, companionship, faithfulness, self sacrifice, selflessness, protection, pathfinder, ability to solve problems and find answers. Power of community, strength in numbers.
Snake- reincarnation, the shedding of old ways of thinking.
Cat- Unpredictability, intolerance. Knowing when to stay silent. Manipulation, Self assurance, strength in the self. A loner, wary of change, double personality. Clear judgement...unclouded by emotion.
Sow/Boar- linked to Cerridwen (known as the white sow) fertility, bounty, motherhood.ferocity,
determination, fearlessness. Crone Goddess, Rooting out the truth, Intelligence.
Goat- balance in dangerous situations, agility, Fertility Courage needed to maintain balance, New beginnings, Abundance, confidence in new areas.
Weasel- Stealth, Cunning, Ingenuity, Revenge, Keen observation, Power of observation,
Hedgehog-  Fertility, Defense, Understanding weather patterns.
Ant- Patience, Stamina, Planning, Communal living and importance of teamwork. Taking orders, accepting all that happens without complaint. Storing for the future.
Grasshopper-  Leaps of faith, Taking risks without guaranteed outcomes. Leaping over obstacles, New leaps forward, Ability to change quickly.
Rat-  reproduction in abundance, Success, resourcefulness, livimg unseen, Stealth,Defense, Intelligence, Symbol of fertility and wealth.
Centipede- Balance and Coordination, Beauty of movement.
Worm- Regeneration, Purifies the Earth, Ability to find peace within the Earth, Ability to wriggle out of difficult situations.
Cricket- Good luck, power of song in darkness, Finding a way out of the dark by following their song. Understanding the time to jump out of a situation,
Snail/Slug- keeping mobile, slow progress, patience, leaving a trail, taking things slowly, retreat.
Toad- Connection to altered states of consciousness, Symbol of the Earth, Camouflage, longevity.
Spider-  weaver, Wisdom, Creativity, illusion.




Every animal is different. Just like you and me. Each have their own attributes that give them advantages in their day to day life.
Your experiences with animals have something to teach you. You may have an affinity with a certain may allways encounter it...on a close quarters basis. Stroking your dog...or stroking a tame pony in a field don't really count. Think more along the lines of say...seeing that most elusive of creatures the fox. Regularly. And he stands there looking at you. he doesn't just run away.
There is a real spiritual connection.
It may be an animal that is briefly trying to tell you something. It may stay with you throughout life.
The ones that stay are referred to as you "power animal" or "totem animal"
Of course you can have more than one. The personality of the human animal is an extremely multifaceted one and it can often take several animals to cover it!
When you next encounter an animal...or a part of an animal think of all it's properties. Its physical attributes...the way it reacts to's behaviour. Its personality.
then think of what you identify with.
Think of what is lacking within you...something that the animal has.
For example; One day you find a feather of a barn owl. Barn owls are quiet...silent and secretive. They hunt their prey through patience and care.
Perhaps in your life you are rushing things...getting stressed because you don't have enough patience....maybe you've been giving too much away, perhaps you need to learn to hold your tongue. To hold back.

Attributes of the creatures of the waters.
Seal- link to the dark powers of the deep. femininity, enticement, the water.
Otter- companionship, encouagement. freedom, resoucefulness.
Frog- Connection with all life. transformation. Cleansing. Rebirth. Water and sound. Patience. Camouflage. Accuracy.
Dolphin- Knowledge of the sea, Patron of sailors, Change, Balance and Harmony, Communication, Freedom, Trust, Breathing.
Crab- Ability to escape a situation through an alternate route. Ability to move through a problem.  Finding new uses for the seemingly useless. Protection of home space.
Shark-  A God of the Sea, constant movement,Remorselessness, Never being caught off guard, Defence. Judgement unclouded by emotion. Ruthlessness.
Jellyfish- Sensitivity, going with the flow, ability to live with no rigid boundaries.
Salmon- regeneration, home values, determination, 
Rebirth of spiritual knowledge, considered in folklore as the oldest and wisest of all animals

Anenome- Beauty, Graceful movement,Use of color.Patience

Shrimp- Sustenance, community, Adaptability.

Carp-  Bravery, Endurance, Strength, Prosperity, wisdom of elders.

Clam/mussel- Ability to filter out what is not needed, Balance, Symbiosis, Connection to mud, Going within.





Attributes of the creatures of the air
Crow/Rook- Guardian of the otherworlds. Honouring ancesters. Death. Shapeshifter. Resourcefulness. Darkness. Double meaning. Each have their own characteristics that must be experieced to understand, but the basic message is of change.
Owl- Stealth. Secrecy. Silence. patience. Keen sights. messanger of secrets and omens. Link between dark and light. Mystery. Invisibility. See through masks, the power of discernment. Moon magic. Freedom.
Heron- Believed to be the guardian of the underworld and a keeper of deep secrets and knowledge. Diversity. Solitary and self reliant. Dignity. Multi tasking. Accuracy. patience. Balance. Stillness. They were associated with shamanic travel and entry to the faerie realms via magical lakes.
Bee- Communication. Perseverance. prosperity. Ability to find sweetness. Peaceful but hidden sting if provoked
Goose- The soul path. Power of voice. Power of community. Happiness. healing. Aggressiveness. Standing up for others.
Wagtail- bringer of messages. Resourcefulness. Alert. Balance and speed. Patron of childcarers.
Hawk- Far sightedness. Observation. Memory. Guardianship. Seeing the larger picture. Courage. truth. overcoming problems.
Butterfly/caterpillar- Reincarnation, Transmutation, transformation.
Bat- Transition, Initiation, viewing past lives, Grief, understanding, subtle communications, approaching matters in alternative ways. 
Buzzard- Death and rebirth. Prophecy. New vision. Purifcation. Gain through others. The ability to walk alone and remain strong.
Jay- Warning. Courage. Thief. Check on future trouble spots. Mischeif.
Dove/Pigeon- Understanding peace and love. Gentleness. Warning. Laid back. Speed and agility in air. Community. Strong partner bonds. Travel.
Wren- Messanger from the gods. Associated with the Oak. Sibling relationships. Fearlessness. Secretive. King of the Birds. Taking advantage of situation.
Blackbird/Thrush- Power of voice and music. Warning. Confidence. Link between the realms. Farsight...ability to see wider picture through higher vantage point. Communication. Camouflage. Languages. Pride
Finch- Power of diversity. Group living. use of song. Colour and display.
Nuthatch- Ability to see things reversed. Courage of one in the masses. Ability to put thoughts into practice. Woodcraft.
Swallow- Agility. Protection. Manouvre. grace. Community. Perseverance, the arrival of storms when the swallow flies low, Power of communal living, the value of family and home, Protection.
Tit- Fearlessness. Attitude. Aggressiveness. Agility. Power of voice. Puzzle solver.
Magpie- Balance of light and dark. Love of the material. Communication. Intelligence. Cooperation. Thief. Cleverness, Seeing in darkness, Use of ritual in everyday life, Prophecy, Use of voice,
Pheasant- Ego. Pride before a fall. the use of ritual. Beauty. Polyogamous. Self awareness. aggression. camouflage, sexual aggression, Using color to heal, self awareness, Understanding the use of ritual
Starling- Warriors bird. strength and empowerment, mobs, Imitation, Adaptability, Intelligence, Mental receptivity.
Swan- Music and purity. The sacred bird of the Bard. Associated with death and the underworld
Cockeral- It's morning crowing is said to chase away the spirits of the night and thus is associated with psychic energy and the dispelling of negative energies.
Dragon/damselfly- Mastery of life on the move. Ability to escape a blow. Breaking illusions. Dreams. Dragon.
Grouse-  Understanding the circular nature of time, Understanding and working with cycles,
Falcon- Swiftness, speed and movement, control, spacial awareness. Dancing and the aerobatics of life. Courage,
Osprey-  Keen sight in seeing through illusions, Authority, Freedom of spirit, Unclouded judgement, Connection to the moon Understanding weather.
Golden Eagle- Illumination, the cycles of the Sun, clear vision, The Solar Bird, Spiritual power, Seeing from the highest places, Courage, Strength, freedom.
Kingfisher- Peace, Indifference to surroundings, Clear vision through emotional waters, Ability to dive into life and catch ones dreams.
Kite- Ability to see overall picture, Clarity of vision, Beauty of movement, Ability to see things from a distance, Change.
Nightingale- Use of song and music, healing through music. Connection with the moon, beauty in the plain.
Partridge- Fertility, Community,  Mobility, femininity, invisibility, holding ones ground in a tight spot. Knowing when to remain silent.
Cuckoo-  Efficiency, Adaptability, Symbol of Spring,
Meeting ones fate. Taking advantage of a situation,
Woodpecker- Connection to the earth, Ability to find hidden layers, rhythms, cycles and patterns, Warnings, Associated with thunder, The Earth's drummer, picking at a problem until the truth, or answer is revealed.
Gull- Ability to see from above situations, Friendship, community, aggresiveness, resourcefulness, mob.
Snipe- Connection to the wetlands, Recluse, probing deep for solutions or answers. Speed and camouflage
Warbler- Diversity, Beauty of song, Invisibility, Fragility, Survival.
Mayfly- Transformation while moving, Transparency, childhood, Living for the moment.
Sandpiper- Power of community, invisibility, cycles, blending races, ability to proble for an answer.
Moorhen- Moving freely without constraint. Use of voice.
Puffin-  protection, courtship, Aggression, open spaces.
Cormorant-  Use of the Sun. Patience, spearing a goal.
Moth- ability to find a light in the dark, the wind, Ease of movement in darkness, Transformation, confusion.
Fly- Survival, different viewpoints. the use of the seemingly useless. Transformation, Adaptation.
Raven-  breaking and rebuilding. Renewal, finding a light in the dark, Courage, Introspection, Comfort with self, Honoring ancestors, the Crone.
Wasp-  female energy, Sisterhood, Communal living, aggression.


  • Change in consciousness
  • New occurrences
  • Eloquence