The Blackbirds nest

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"Sing now O' Blackbird for the veil is now thin.
Craft your spell Blackbird please grant us our leave.
You sing of the Morn and the lands where they dance.
Sing to me Blackbird let your song weave our souls."

Greetings all. First and foremost, this site is intended for Leicestershirian Pagans.......of course, that doesn't mean non Leicestershirians are banned! Feel free to look round!
Recently, I spent the two weeks leading up to Lammas at Avebury. I met an overwhelming amount of amazing people. Being able to talk about things like faeries, Magick....myths and name it anyone....often people a lot older than me was something I found fantastic and I can guarantee that I will be back.
Basically, based around the henge is a lively Pagan community...people who know each other and who all share similar interests....and not a single broom closet in sight!
  If that could happen around would be fantastic. I know Pagans exist and I know me are eager to meet others.
So...join in the forum and if you have a website I'd love it if you'd join my webring.
Blessed Be )O(

Leicestershire Pagans.
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