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Pagan Sabbats


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The Pagan wheel of the year is something that goes back to farming and what is happening in Nature more than spirituality. Each of the 8 Sabbats represents what is going on in the farming calender. Each has its different characteristics and individual ways of celebration.........although one thing that seems to prevail is Mead and Cider!
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The Pagan new year. It marks the ending of the summer and is a time for preperation for the Winter.
At this time...(known to most as All Hallows Eve) the veil between the spirit realms and our own is at it's thinnest. At this time the spirits of the dead were celebrated, and inspiration and guidance was sought from the Spirit realms. In paganism death is not seen as a terrible thing. Of course people grieve for their loved ones, but it is seen as a part of Nature. Simply the spirit...energies...atoms...all going back into mother earth from whence it came. In essence it's a celebration of life and the circles of Nature.

The time when the dark and the moon reigns for longest. The height of the 'feminine' period of the year. From hereon her power wanes as the Sun is 'reborn'.
To mark this evergreen plants such as Mistletoe and sprigs from "The Holly King" were used to decorate dwellings...and a Yule log (usually birch) was burnt.

Imbolc marks Winters end and Springs beggining. It is a time when women are honoured and represents the growth from the crone of Winter to the maiden of Spring.
Imbolc is sacred to the Goddess Brighid. (The Christians in an attempt to destroy paganism renamed this day Candlemas and took Brighid and transformed her into a Christian saint.)
It is also a festival of fire. Marking the return of the Sun. Hence the emphasis on candles.

The height of Spring. Cerrunos and the Green man are are both honoured here in order to ensure the birth of healthy offspring to all creatures...livestock, wild, and humans. And the fertility of the growing crops and the land.
It celebrates the return of greeness and life to the earth after the bleakness of winter.