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So much knowledge has been lost over the ages and so much learning to do. I am no expert yet, but knowledge takes time and years.
There is so much around you that many people fail to notice that is edible and extremely tasty!

Take the time. To learn.
But remember. Identification is a serious matter. Misidentification could lead to death.
My motto when gathering is
"If in doubt...any doubt, do not eat."

The Dandelion. (Taraxacum officinale)
This commonly overlooked and sadly dubbed 'weed' is a wonderful herb. A natural diuretic, they provide pottasium to strengthen the heart and cleanse and detoxify the blood. They lend a slightly peppery taste to salads, or they can be cooked like spinach, but raw is best. Try them torn into sandwhiches with salt and pepper.

Bracken. (Pteris aquilina)
This is a plant considered poisonous due to the fact it contains cyanide.
However the young fronds of early spring are perfectly safe.
Collect the youngest of the curles fronds and steam or fry.
They taste of almonds

Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna)
Add the young shoots and leaves to salads. They're kind of like parsley. Only in huge abundance and of!